21 June 2018

Graphvizforce Lightning Beta Release

Jason Guan and I have been working on migrating the old Graphvizforce project to Graphvizforce Lightning and it’s ready for public testing.

We took the chance to re-think the features and UX to make the tool as valuable as possible.

Jason has done a great job by building diagram management features and real-time diagram rendering. I recently added automatic diagrams and SOQL rendering. This means anybody that writes SOQL can save time using this tool. It’s a visual SOQL query builder.

We’d appreciate it if you would install it and let us know your thoughts. Even better, if you are willing to take on one of the issues and send us a pull request, we’d welcome the help.

I’ll write future posts on the design decisions and new techniques we learned. Watch this space…​

Tags: Salesforce